Silicon Power-SSD V60 هارد دیسک لپ تاپ
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Silicon Power-SSD V60 هارد دیسک لپ تاپ

SATA3 / 60GB  همراه با سه سال  گارانتی  
2,900,000 Rial

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Brushed aluminum metal body with metallic gray finish

- SATA III 6Gbps backwards compatible with SATA II 3Gbps


- Super-high transfer rate: 550MB/s max. read speed


500MB/s max. write speed


- Supports TRIM command and Garbage Collection technology


- NCQ and RAID ready


- Equipped with DureWriteTM and wear leveling, to extend endurance


- Implement with ECC technology to guarantee data transmission reliability


- Built-in with SMART monitoring system


- Low power consumption


- Shockproof & Anti-Vibration


- Noiseless operation, no latency delay and no seek error

- 3 year warranty

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