Fujitsu 2035 باطری لپ تاپ فوجیتسو

آکبند همراه با شش ماه گارانتی و مهلت تست کالا
6,300,000 Rial

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حمل و ارسال
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ضمانت اصل بودن
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7 روزضمانت تعویض
7 روزضمانت تعویض
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آکبند و پلمپ شرکت سازنده


شش ماه گارانتی در جا تعویض


This is a 6 cell Li-Ion rechargeable battery for Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V2030, V2035, V2055 and F.I.C. (FIC) GR1, GR2, LM1W, LM2W series laptop notebook computers.

This battery ships fully charged, tested and ready to work.

This ENERGY+ item is built with the highest quality standards, safety features and has a 12 month warranty.

Has 100% more run time than 3 cell original battery.


21-92348-01, 21-92441-01, 21-92441-02, 21-92441-03, 21-92441-04, 21-92441-13, 21-92445-01, BPLMW, DAK100220-01V200L, DAK100220-01V201L, DAK100440-01V200L, LMXXSS3, LMXXSS6, S26391-F6120-L450, S26393-E004-V314, SMP-LMXXPS6, SMP-LMXXSS3, SMP-LMXXSS6, SMP-LMXXXBKA6, SOL-LMXXML6

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